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February 2013

A Close Look at AAMVA's 80 Years of Service

Since 1933, AAMVA has maintained a steady acceleration of improving motor vehicle administration, traffic safety and law enforcement programs. Many things have changed over the past 80 years, including safety on the roadways, technology behind the DMV counter, licensing security, and law enforcement standards. AAMVA’s programs have played a defining role through these changes by fostering uniformity and reciprocity among the states and Canadian provinces, as well as introducing legislation and producing best practices. As we look back on the past eight decades of changes, updates and advances in these programs, AAMVA looks forward to the next 80 years in continuing our support of North American motor vehicle and law enforcement agencies in achieving their mission.

Over the next three issues, MOVE magazine will celebrate AAMVA’s 80 years of transformational change by highlighting three specific program areas, respectively, through the In The Headlights column. We will kick off this miniseries in the upcoming Spring issue by showcasing Driver Services. See a timeline of how the driver license has changed from a simple paper document to a heavy-duty card with holograms, color phasing ink and nano-printing. Follow along through the decades to see AAMVA’s Driver Services progress through quotes, facts and old sepia-toned pictures. If you have any pictures, videos, stories or anecdotes you would like to share as part of the history of Driver Services, please email them This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..