A look at 80 years of vehicle services

AAMVA has a rich 80-year history of seeking uniformity in vehicle services. From early attempts to standardize the size and gauge of license plates, to the development of the International Registration Plan, which brought order to a messy interstate commercial registration infrastructure, uniformity has always been a common theme.

Before national and international agreements to create uniform systems for vehicle services existed, each jurisdiction developed its own rules. Understandably, this resulted in a lot of confusion over which rules apply where. “When I first started in the business, someone traveling from Maine to Florida had to worry about paying a fine along the way,” says Larry Greenberg, former executive vice president at AAMVA.

Fortunately, the vehicle services landscape has changed a lot since then, in large part due to AAMVA’s efforts. AAMVA’s contribution to this area was a natural evolution for the organization, according to Cian Cashin, senior manager of government affairs at AAMVA.

As the federal government became more involved with transportation over the years, the states needed a voice. “AAMVA, being a state representative agency, ensured the government was involved where it needed to be, and stayed out where it should,” says Cashin.

Read on to see a timeline of AAMVA’s most notable dates in its history of vehicle services.

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