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november 2013

80 Years of AAMVA's Law Enforcement efforts


Since AAMVA’s founding in 1933, its relationship with law enforcement has evolved considerably. Because issues of traffic safety are often influenced by the administration of driver and vehicle services, this relationship affects everyone on the road.

“We were very aware that the law enforcement function that AAMVA represented went much further than traffic services,” says Harold Hammond, former state law enforcement officer and former regional director for AAMVA. “[The issues] affected not only traffic safety, but also the integrity of our driver’s license and vehicle titling and registration process.”

Over the years, the relationship between AAMVA and law enforcement has grown stronger. AAMVA’s creation of the law enforcement director position in 2000 is one example. “That was the turning point in terms of AAMVA expanding its partnership between the DMV and law enforcement communities,” says Selden Fritschner, chief of the commercial driver’s license division at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and former AAMVA law enforcement director.

And the relationship continues to stay strong. AAMVA’s 2013 Annual International Conference hosted the largest presence of law enforcement at an AAMVA event.

“Motor vehicle administrators may not get the support they deserve, but without their participation, I don’t know where we’d be,” says Paul Krisavage, retired captain of the Connecticut State Police. “AAMVA in itself is a timeline for a transportation society.”


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