June 2012

AAMVA's Workshop Update

The 2012 Spring Workshop & Law Institute was a mighty success. With over 221 attendees and 24 exhibitors, members participated in a number of impactful sessions, one-on-one quick-connect meetings, and town hall discussions. If you were unable to join us in New Orleans, please visit our Spring Workshop web page to download presentations from every session. Also, check out our YouTube channel to watch videos and presentations from general sessions.

"Excellent workshop in New Orleans! It was a wonderful two days, and the knowledge
I was able to walk away with from my colleagues was so valuable."

– Jerry Valdez, New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division

"It was a great learning experience for me and I feel so much more knowledgeable about AAMVA and all the services that it provides."

– Janelle Goulet, ICBC

"Excellent conference; some great content."

– Mike Wartella, Michigan

"I found the conference to be beneficial and I appreciated the opportunity to attend."

– Jimmy Glasscock, New Mexico State Police

AAMVA Workshop Opening Session

View more videos at YouTube.com/AAMVACommunications