December 2012


AAMVA's program experts are here to serve and guide our members throughout various issues. These employees hold a wealth of knowledge on specific subject matters that keep our committees engaged and enable the direction and completion of best practices. Our program directors are so knowledgeable in fact, we asked them to sit down and tell us about what they do, and how that directly effects and helps you, the AAMVA member.

The first expert in this new video web series is AAMVA's Geoff Slagle. As the Director of Identity Management, Slagle's expertise includes, but is not limited to, identification security and the technologies that relate to safe and secure IDs.

Let's meet Geoff.

Geoff's focus on identity management is natural offshoot of his initial area of focus at AAMVA: IT. "I had the good fortune of responding to an opportunity in the IT area for a data-administrator-related position working for Philippe Guiot, our CIO," says Slagle. "AAMVA had made a decision that it would make an investment in the standards area, and after being on the job for a short period of time, I became tasked with looking after a fledgling standards program for AAMVA – that was almost 15 years ago."

"I've had the opportunity to work on a good number of programs, and I had a little intermission – an industry sojourn – where I had the chance to work, but the work was still related to AAMVA and the community," says Slagle.

Geoff is instrumental in guiding the groups within AAMVA that focus on identity security. He's staff liaison to AAMVA's Card Design Standard Committee, which was instrumental in crafting our recently-released 2012 Card Design Standard (CDS). The 2012 CDS provides for the design of driver licenses and identification cards and aims to improve the security of the DL/ID cards as well as the level of interoperability among cards issued by all North American jurisdictions. Geoff is also AAMVA staff liaison to our Electronic Identity or eID Working Group, which held its first meeting just this past July. The eID Working Group is undertaking the task of addressing how virtual identity will be impacting our members' business and service processes.

Geoff says he's seen firsthand how AAMVA helps our members find solutions to the challenges they face, and he's enjoyed being a part of that process. "AAMVA has a unique opportunity to serve as an extension to the staffs of our members, so when a member has come and said that they are facing a challenge or they have something that they need some assistance with, it's great that we're in a position where we can go ahead and help them," he says. "One of the biggest things that we can do to help them is getting them connected to their counterparts in other states or provinces that have already gone through the same challenge and leverage or take advantage of the lessons that they learned, and that often times will go a long way to helping them with the problem."