Meet the Experts Headshot Cathie

February 2013


Meet Cathie Curtis, AAMVA's Director Vehicle Programs. “I'm the vehicle expert for AAMVA – I'm the go-to expert if any of the jurisdictions have questions about vehicle-related issues. I also am the staff liaison for the vehicle working groups and the vehicle standing committee,” says Curtis.

Cathie came to AAMVA just last year after a long career with the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles, spending 32 years there, the last five as Administrator. “I always knew AAMVA was very supportive of their membership and I am seeing in the background how all of that works,” says Curtis. “It's really been reinforced for me that AAMVA is here for the membership and we're trying to help members find solutions and support them however they need to be supportive. I've found that AAMVA is exactly what I thought the organization was, and that is very focused on its membership.”

Cathie says she knows first-hand how valuable a resource AAMVA can be for jurisdiction members, and she remembers turning to AAMVA for guidance when she was a jurisdiction member herself while at the Maine BMV. “Especially when it came to Real ID, it was such a confusing time, there was so much uncertainty. We came to AAMVA many times for assistance in understanding federal regulations, for understanding what other states were doing. It was reassuring to know that there is an organization that you can turn to.”

As staff liaison to the Vehicle Standing Committee and several working groups, Cathie has been instrumental in crafting resources and best practices for the AAMVA community. Cathie and the members of the Unconventional Vehicles Working Group recently compiled a new best practice, Best Practice for Title and Registration of Rebuilt and Specially Constructed Vehicles. She says her work with the group is a great example of how AAMVA helps our members understand and deal with some of the difficult issues they face. “Really,” she says, “We're here to help the motor vehicle agencies achieve their goals.”

Watch Cathie discuss the Best Practice for Title and Registration of Rebuilt and Specially Constructed Vehicles here.

Like other experts at AAMVA, Cathie often helps members to find solutions to issues in their day-to-day operations. She also helps connect members with others in the AAMVA community who may be facing similar challenges.

“Just recently a jurisdiction asked me for some model legislation that could help them solve a particular problem in their state; their legislature was looking for some specific information, and I was able to direct them to a state that just recently passed similar legislation. They came back and said it was very helpful and satisfied what their legislature was looking for.”