Meet the Experts Headshot Kevin

March 2013

Get to know aamva's director of driving programs

Meet Kevin Lewis, AAMVA’s Director of Driver Programs. “That means that I am responsible for all driver licensing activities, both CDL and non-CDL, here at AAMVA,” says Lewis. “Anything that has to do with driver licensing - that’s sanctions, citations, convictions, withdrawals - my staff and I are responsible for assisting our member jurisdictions in solving those types of issues.”

Kevin is the main contact at AAMVA for anything related to driver licensing. “My main area of expertise is understanding the impact of federal regulations on the commercial driver licensing systems within the US jurisdictions and also the impact of the driver licensing compacts on the non-commercial driver licensing area,” he says. “The third area is my understanding, from a national perspective, of driver licensing issues.”

Kevin has been at AAMVA since 1997, coming to the association after a long and successful career in the military and in the private sector. “About 15 years ago, I realized I was really burning out from the high-tech IT-type world, and I wanted to change directions,” says Lewis. “When I interviewed at AAMVA I thought, ‘It’s a driver’s license. How hard could this be?’ Well, I can honestly say that this is the second most challenging job I’ve ever had as a civilian, or even as a military person.”

As staff liaison to the Driver Standing Committee and several working groups, Kevin has been instrumental in crafting many resources for the AAMVA community to use and learn from, including Driver Fitness Medical Guidelines, Graduated Driver License Best Practices, and Guidelines for Motorcycle Operator Licensing. He says he enjoys working with AAMVA to help find solutions to the big challenges our members face. “Coming to AAMVA was a chance to broaden my horizons plus actually work in a position where I could have an impact on a national level.”

Like other experts on staff at AAMVA, Kevin works with AAMVA members to help tackle issues the industry faces every day. “When a jurisdiction has a driver suspended in another jurisdiction for a traffic violation and they’re unable to clear that situation so that the driver can be re-licensed with their member jurisdiction, that happens on a weekly or monthly basis,” says Lewis. He is also instrumental in helping AAMVA members understand federal regulation and the impact it may have on their business. “Keep in mind that we have 51 jurisdictions out there that all do the same things but in 51 different ways. The impacts of a federal regulation on 51 separate kingdoms, if you will—sometimes it’s very difficult for a jurisdiction to figure out what they have to do, and that is where I come in to play.”

“I like to say that if they have an issue that has a ‘D’ or an ‘L’ in it for ‘driver licensing,’ don’t be hesitant to pick up the phone and call or email me,” says Lewis. “If I don’t know the answer, I have a great staff with many, many years of experience in driver licensing, driver fitness, license suspension. If I don’t know the answer, they know the answer, and if the four of us don’t know the answer, we know where to go to get the answer. Think of us as one-stop-shopping for anything driver licensing-related.”