Meet the Experts Headshot Karen

june 2013


Meet Karen Morton, AAMVA's Program Director, Driver Licensing. Think of her as the go-to source for information on licensing and testing. "I handle anything related to driver licensing or testing – on the business side," says Morton. "I handle the CDL, non-commercial licensing and testing, motorcycle licensing and testing, the examiner training."
Karen works on many different aspects of driver licensing at AAMVA, overseeing AAMVA's Test Maintenance Subcommittee, which is made up of jurisdictional members, and updating all of the testing materials for distribution jurisdictions every year. She also works on issues such as Graduated Driver Licensing. "I just help resolve any types of issues related to any that members may have," she says.


Karen came to AAMVA after a successful career in motor vehicle administration in Maryland. Her background in driver licensing on the state level made her a perfect fit for her position at AAMVA. "I was the Director of Driver Licensing for the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration. I had been there 28 years – I started there as a driver's license examiner – and worked my way up to Director of Driver Licensing and Driver Services. Prior to that I had 6 years with the Maryland State Police in a civilian capacity," says Morton. "Fortunately, when I was in motor vehicles in Maryland, the administrators that I worked with were very involved with AAMVA and they made sure that we stayed involved with AAMVA. We hosted an International [Conference] we hosted Regionals, and I was always involved in that. I always wanted to work with AAMVA, and so this was just a great opportunity."

Like other experts on staff at AAMVA, a big part of Karen's work focuses on helping AAMVA's members find solutions to issues they encounter. She recalls one instance where she assisted the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles in addressing some questions they had concerning commercial driver's licenses. "They were having issues with Canadian commercial driver's licenses – and they weren't sure what they were supposed to look like and what type of material was supposed to be on it. I was able to pull together a lot of information from Canada and actually put together a training book that they could use to train their staff."