Mark-Lowe article rev

January 2014

aamva's meet the board - mark lowe, vice chair from iowa

Meet Mark Lowe, Vice Chair of the AAMVA Board of Directors. Though he currently serves as Director of the Iowa Motor Vehicle Division, Lowe wasn't always in motor vehicle administration; he came from a career in law. "I was a practicing attorney for 15 years," he says. "My practice was generally in litigation, and a lot of my litigation involved traffic safety issues because there was a certain amount of it that was driven by motor vehicle accidents and crashes. I had the opportunity to join our state's attorney general's office as general counsel for the DOT and had been serving in that capacity for about a year, and I really thought that I'd found a position that I'd stay in and retire in, and then I was unexpectedly asked to take on the role of Director for the Motor Vehicle Division for the State of Iowa."

Though becoming a motor vehicle administrator wasn't something Lowe had planned, he says his involvement in AAMVA helped him make the transition, and he got involved with AAMVA shortly after becoming Director of the Motor Vehicle Division in Iowa. "It was a real benefit to me – I got the chance to serve two years as Parliamentarian, and it couldn't have been a better opportunity for me because it immediately introduced me to the network of people and professionals that helped me assimilate into a role that was very new to me. I've always felt that the investment I've made has been returned several fold in terms of the folks that I get to be associated with."

Lowe says he has a lot to look forward to in the coming year as he steps into the Vice Chair slot on the AAMVA Board. "Much like my role at home, I hope that each year I get a little bit wiser and a little bit more informed on what we do, and by the same token, what AAMVA does," he says. "The opportunity to continue to be involved in increasing degrees is one of the things that I look most forward to. We certainly have a lot of things that we've been working on as a group that are coming to fruition, and seeing those things come through is something I'm looking forward to."

Lowe says that he would encourage people new to the AAMVA community to do as he did and get involved to get the most out of the association. "Don't be afraid to get involved and don't be afraid to share your opinion because this is a very receptive, supportive group that really welcomes debate in a very healthy way, and I think that's what makes us very strong."

Check out the video below to meet AAMVA's Vice Chair, Mark Lowe.