rick holcomblarge

March 2014

aamva's meet the board - rick holcomb, secretary from virginia

Meet Rick Holcomb, Secretary of the AAMVA Board of Directors, and Commissioner at the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. Holcomb has spent many years in motor vehicle administration, bringing a real history and wealth of experience to the AAMVA board. "This is my second tour of duty at the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles," he says. "I was appointed originally in 1994 by then Governor George Allen; I'd worked with him both when he was a congressman, and when he was a delegate in our state legislature, and he asked me to come to Richmond and run the DMV. I was reappointed by Governor Gilmore, then came up to Northern Virginia to work at the American Trucking Association, and then when Governor McDonnell was elected, he asked me to come back to serve, so I've been back since 2010."

Holcomb says he has a lot to look forward to in the coming year, both as a member of AAMVA and as part of the association's leadership on the AAMVA Board. He says AAMVA's greatest value is as a forum for sharing what works and what doesn't with colleagues around North America. "Certainly, AAMVA is such a wealth of information for all of us, and I have found, any time we're looking to do something, to be able to go to AAMVA, to conduct a survey, or just ask the professional staff, 'What do you think?' saves us some steps in the process. While we have some very unique ideas, most of the time, someone has either thought about doing it, tried to do it and failed, or tried to do it and succeeded. So, what I'm looking forward to is even more time to interface with my colleagues and all the US and Canadian jurisdictions to see what they're doing. AAMVA is just such a tremendous forum for sharing ideas and to learn and to network," he says.

Holcomb says that he has gotten a lot out of participating in the AAMVA community, and being a member of the board has provided a valuable inside look at the inner workings of the association. "I'm in my eleventh years as DMV commissioner – probably a lot longer than others – but this is really my first opportunity to be in a leadership role, although I was President of AAMVAnet back in the 90s. You get a lot more information, you get to be a lot more into the details of discussion of policy and where the association should be moving. It really is nice to get that detail, and I would encourage all administrators to go through the leadership chain and be on the board because you get a very different perspective, and really, working with the staff and leadership on a daily basis, you get a tremendous respect for the work that's being done up here.


Check out the video below to meet AAMVA's Secretary, Rick Holcomb.