Jennifer Cohan for MOVE

April 2014

jennifer cohan breaks down her time so far as aamva's chair

It's been a busy year so far for Jennifer Cohan, Chair of the AAMVA Board of Directors. "Wow, time flies when you're having fun," she says. "It's been very interesting, very hectic, but I'm spending a lot of time on topics that I previously hadn't spent a lot of time on. Working with the IRP board has been very exciting, it's actually where I started at the DMV in Delaware, so it's really going back to my roots and I've been enjoying that."

One of the big items on Chair Cohan's to-do list is helping to craft AAMVA's new strategic plan. "We've been making progress on our strategic plan, which expires in 2014 so we're revising that. A lot of work going into that – the executive team and Neil are doing a great job getting us set up for the future and those successes."

"We had a very successful board meeting in January in San Diego. We were actually joking because it was right when the polar vortex hit, and San Diego was the only place that wasn't below freezing temperatures. We worked really hard prepping for our strategic plan and getting ready for all the Regional Conferences that are coming up this year, and I'm very excited to be hosting the Annual International Conference in Dover, Delaware in 2014 as well, so I'm looking forward to that."

Just a few months away, the 2014 Annual International Conference in Dover, Delaware will be here before you know it, and Chair Cohan is looking forward to showing off all that Delaware has to offer. "Delaware's the first state, we've got a lot of history there. Dover Downs is a NASCAR racing track and casino, so I know a lot of people are excited about that. But one of the other things I'm very excited about is to be able to unveil to the AAMVA community the Leadership Academy that I've been working very hard with AAMVA on. We're hoping to have a program and a new class of leaders launch this fall. I'm very excited and hopefully by the International Conference I'll be able to unveil that. So I'm looking forward to being able to host people in Dover and also launch that project which is very near and dear to my heart."

Chair Cohan says she's enjoying her time leading the AAMVA Board of Directors, but there are plenty of things that have surprised her about the job. "I remember Stacey [Stanton, 2013 AAMVA Chair] telling me last year when we did the Chair to Chair that there's no manual for being Chair and that's ringing true. So what I'm trying to do for Mark Lowe coming in as my predecessor is jotting some notes down so he knows he does have to write articles for MOVE Magazine, you do have to represent AAMVA on several boards – NMVTIS, IRP – those types of things, which I didn't know going in. But I've embraced it and had a lot of fun with it. Stacey's probably sitting back and giggling at me I'm sure."


Watch Jennifer discuss her time so far as chair, and what she's looking forward to leading up to the Annual International Conference in August :