Jennifer Cohan for MOVE

JUNE 2014


Things have been busy for AAMVA Chair of the Board, Jennifer Cohan. "We've had a lot going on – Neil Schuster announced his retirement after seven years, and I wasn't anticipating that on my watch, but we're aggressively looking for a new CEO. I wish Neil the best in his retirement, but I have a sneaking suspicion we'll see him out and about in our scene."

Another of the major initiatives Cohan has been working on as Chair is leading the process of strategic planning. "We're working on our strategic plan - we're kind of refreshing it. We have our current strategic plan that expires this year, and we've really made it more about looking to the future and focusing on safety and security. We've made a lot of progress; we have a really engaged board and I think our end product is going to be something that everyone is interested in."

And there's no rest for the weary – this summer is going to be a busy one for our Chair. "It's going to be a summer packed full of great Regionals. I'm really looking forward to Biloxi and Toronto and Vancouver, and I've looked at the business plans for all those conferences, and I just can't wait. It's going to be very exciting – and some new topics that our colleagues haven't seen before, so that's exciting for our AAMVA colleagues and our industry partners."

And, of course, the Chair's year is capped off with the "big show" – the Annual International Conference, August 25-27 in Dover, Delaware. Cohan says she's got to keep plans for the 2014 AIC under wraps. "I'm not going to tell you everything about what's happening at Dover – we have some surprises and I think we're going to be doing some unique things. I'm definitely looking forward to hosting people in Dover in August, and there are going to be some surprises, I can guarantee that. "

Time seems to fly when you're having fun, she says. "Well you know it's been going by so fast, and it's been such a pace of one thing after another. I haven't really had a chance to sit back and enjoy it, but I think we've been doing a lot of great things – I'm kind of sad because it's going to be over soon, but Mark Lowe is going to be a great Chair, and we have a very strong lineup in our executive leadership in our board, so the next few years are going to be very good."