Lisa Kaspar

MAY 2016


Lisa Kaspar, Director of Vehicles at the Kansas Department of Revenue brings many years of experience in State government to her role on AAMVA’s International Board of Directors.

“I’ve been at the Department of Revenue for 33 years,” she says. “I’ve been at the agency for a long time but in other areas – taxation, training.” When the Kansas Department of Revenue took on a modernization project for vehicles, she was introduced into the motor vehicle industry. “I was the organizational development manager. We did job design, training, communication, those types of things, and through that - that was really my first experience with vehicles. It was different from anything I’d done before, and so when the position of Director of Vehicles came up, I was encouraged to apply, and I am loving it. I’ve been the Director for about two and a half years.”

Kaspar says that the job keeps her on her toes. “I think what surprises me about the vehicles industry in general or the job that our staff does is that there’s something different every day. New situations come up that we’ve never experienced, and even those that have been in vehicles for a long time run into new things every day, so we try to make sure that we’re consistent in how we handle situations because there is a little twist many times.”

After being appointed to her leadership position at the Kansas Department of Revenue, Kaspar first got to know AAMVA through the association’s New Administrators’ Orientation program. “The staff of AAMVA was just wonderful and the other new administrators who were in the group both from law enforcement and vehicles were very welcoming.” Kaspar adds that Sheila Prior, AAMVA’s Regional Director for Regions III & IV, was an important resource in helping to get familiar with the AAMVA Community.

It wasn’t long before Kaspar was taking on her first leadership roles in the AAMVA Community. “First of all, I got involved in our Region III Board, and I became Secretary. I had been secretary on other boards before, and so I thought it was taking minutes, that kind of things but as it turned out, it involved some auditing of bank statements, which was a new experience for me. Now I’m Vice President and will become President of Region III.” When a position on the International Board of Directors became available, Kaspar stepped in to fill that role as well. “I automatically said yes because I was loving what I was experiencing so far. [The International Board] is a totally different perspective than the Region III Board. I just think it’s going to be great for Kansas to be so involved in AAMVA. I think the Board helps create that culture of excellence.”

In addition to her roles on the Region III and International Boards, Kaspar also serves as Board Advisor to the Driver Standing Committee. “We talked a lot about financial integrity and making sure that we’re fiscally responsible. I think in this industry, there are so many issues that people face that they want to learn more about, and they want to solve those problems. Making sure that we’re focusing resources on the right things - I was watching for that as I sat in as a committee advisor. I was really impressed with how they did prioritize all the things that people were asking for and I think they’re focusing on the right things that are really going to make a difference for jurisdictions.”  

It may be hard to believe given all her responsibilities, but Kaspar says she makes room for fun in her free time. “I’m married and I have two children – 27-year-old daughter who is a pharmacist, and she just got married last year.  I planned a wedding, and that was fun, I enjoyed that. And I have a 20-year-old son at home. My husband, my son, and I go to the gym every day – we try to get a workout in. I like to read, and I love to bargain shop! I go to garage sales and go to nice stores and look for bargains – it’s always fun to get a deal.”