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November 2016


Jean Shiomoto, Director of the California DMV and Chair of the AAMVA Board of Directors, has really hit the ground running since her swearing-in in August. We caught up with her as she visited AAMVA headquarters just prior to the Combined Standing Committees Meeting in October.

“It’s a great opportunity to put a name to a face,” she said about her visit with AAMVA staff. “A lot of people don’t get the opportunity to meet the Chair, so it was really a great experience to talk to everyone, tell them a little about myself, tell them a little about California, and really talk to the staff and let them know how much we as jurisdictions appreciate the work that they do to support our systems.”

But her visit to AAMVA is just one of many places she’s visited during her first few months as Chair of the Board. “It’s been exciting! I’ve had a chance to meet with a lot of administrators and I’ve had a couple of speaking engagements already,” said Shiomoto. “I was at the International Association of Transportation Regulators – they regulate taxi cabs and limousines, so I was able to talk about AAMVA and what we’re doing. For me it’s been great getting out there and talking about us.”

Following the Combined Standing Committees Meeting, Chair Shiomoto headed to Oak Brook, Illinois for the Region III Information Exchange, and then the Region II Planning Meeting in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She will also be paying a visit to our Canadian partners at CCMTA. “My travel’s going to get quite crowded starting at the end of October and into November and December,” she said.

Back in her home jurisdiction, California, plans are moving forward for the 2017 Annual International Conference in San Francisco. “We’ve just started to plan out what we’re going to do and themes, talking about the sessions and speakers and what we’re going to do,” said Shiomoto. “I’m very excited!”

Though her schedule’s been packed with travel, it came as no surprise; Chair Shiomoto says former AAMVA Chairs told her what to expect. “Plan for a lot of travel – they were sharing how many trips, how many miles, how many days they were gone. They said plan your day, plan your week, and make sure you have good people at home watching your jurisdiction while you’re away. One of the things they said was just how great it was to get out there and meet everybody, and to enjoy your time because it’s going to go by fast.”