Sheila Prior

May 2017

Q&A with AAMVA’s director of member support for Regions III & IV

What led to your career/interest in transportation?

Happenstance, really. My first job out of college was an internship at the Missouri Department of Revenue to assist with the implementation of the Administrative DUI law. I soon became the lead, and one interesting opportunity after another followed. I’ve happily spent my entire career in this community.

What was your first position with AAMVA?

Mike Calvin hired me in 1994 as associate director of Driver Services. That job really expanded both my professional and personal horizons.

Dan Gill Sheila Prior Jerry Dike
Sheila Prior (center) pictured with Dan Gill (left) and Jerry Dike (right).

What were your top priorities as director of member support for Regions III & IV?

Exactly what the job title says—providing support to the members of Regions III & IV. They ask and I answer, often after consulting one of my awesome colleagues. I also provided conference planning services to the Regions, as well as support and assistance to the AAMVA team.

You also served as director of business development for Lockheed Martin. Could you tell us about that work?

I had sales and marketing responsibilities for the Motor Vehicle Services Division’s existing lines of business, as well as the responsibility to identify and pursue new opportunities. I had the good fortune to be the sales lead and the implementation manager (truly my favorite part) for two new opportunities, which I found to be great fun.

What have been some highlights from your career in the transportation industry?

I am happy to look back at many career highlights, including coordinating the implementation of Missouri’s Administrative DUI and CDL laws, revising AAMVA’s outdated Fraudulent Identification and Prevention Program (FIPP), traveling the United States one summer to provide 13 train the trainer sessions, and leading the implementation efforts for the PennDOT call center. Two AAMVA projects I’m particularly proud of are assisting with the development of anti-fraud best practices and the soon-to-be released System Modernization Best Practice. I also loved the conference planning aspect of my job.

Sheila Prior and her husband, Craig, vacationed in Waterford, Ireland, in 2015.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Free time equals hobby time, of which I have many. My husband, Craig, and I are avid gardeners and spend many days of the week working in our yard. We take our two dogs for frequent walks, hike and ride bikes. I sew, make jewelry and do a variety of other crafts. I’m also an avid reader. I am rarely bored!

What are your plans for retirement?

When asked that question I respond by saying, “Whatever I want.” Travel is a big priority, and Craig and I are going on a two-week trip to Greece in June and then to Ireland in August with friends. We’re also planning a cruise and a trip to Thailand. We’ll be working on a lot of art projects together in addition to sewing, gardening, bike riding and hiking some of Arizona’s great trails.